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                 Bright 'n' High

Bright ‘n’ High




Bright ‘n’ High consists of three talented and experienced musicians from Somerset.


Roy Cramer has been playing and singing music of different genres for 55 years.  Some of the bands include Gentle Rain, Haymakers, Tangled Jade and Ska Bop.  He has produced 2 CDs of his own songs and continues to write.


Bob Nurse has been playing piano/keyboards for 30 years.  He has played with Barefoot Jasper and Hansom Norman.


Eileen Hardacre has been playing and singing music for 20 years and has been with Bright ‘n’ High since formation of the band.  Also plays in the Haymakers.


The trio formed ten years ago and have since been playing at local charity events, folk clubs, pubs, acoustic and open mic events and local festivals including the Burnham On Sea folk fest attracting this favourable comment; “Bright and High,  excitingly unpredictable.  They cross genres with great joy and energy.  Anything goes”.


Our style of music includes blues, rock, reggae and most genres from the 60’s to the present day, as well as some original material. 


What makes our music different from conventional bands is our ability to produce a broad, exciting sound with a versatile use of instruments dynamically played by only 3 musicians.


Instruments played by the band include;


Roy: Vocals, Lead guitar, mandolin, pan pipes, harmonicas,

Bob:  Keyboards; Yamaha S90XS and Roland Juno G synth.

Eileen:  Vocals, rhythm guitar, mandolin and assorted percussion.



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