Springtime Special

Crab and mascarpone charcoal tortellini with Italian white fish sauce,

rocket and parmesan shavings 6.50/14.00


Sticky toffee pudding, toffee sauce, clotted cream 7.00

Chocolate and orange cheesecake, pouring cream 7.00

Farmers Arms peach sundae 7.00

Farmers Arms raspbery sundae 7.00

Chocolate brownie, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream 7.00

Rapbery and white chocolate sauce, ice cream 7.00

Dark chocolate tart, ice cream 7.00

French classic crème brúlée, shortbread 7.00

Portuguese style crème brúlée, shortbread 7.00

West Country cheeseboard 8.50

Section of ice creams and sorbets